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Wedding Photographer FAQ

I get asked lots and lots of questions about weddings, wedding photography, geeky stuff and just about everything else. Here is a selection of my more frequently asked questions about my approach and my wedding photography. If you have any more, call or email me and I will get straight back to you.

We have seen your work and would like to take things further, Can we meet you?

Of course, I meet every couple at least twice before the wedding day. I am more than happy to meet you at a convenient time and place. This includes evenings if that’s better for you. I often meet couples in their home or a nice hotel. We can discuss your day in more details and I can show you some relevant weddings that I have shot before. I will answer any questions and often help on other wedding matters.

How far will you travel for a wedding? 

I have no restrictions on how far I travel. I normally photograph around the South of England. However, I have photographed as far north as Inverness and South into Europe. I live near London but during wedding season, often travel to venues across the country. Over 100 miles, I do charge milage (40p per mile) and the cost of a cheap hotel.

Will you visit the venue before the wedding? 

I often know the wedding venue or will have been there before. I always get to a new venue very early on the day itself and find the best areas. I will also research a venue online beforehand. As a photographer, I use the best light available to me on the day to produce the most flattering images. This can sometimes be somewhere other than the obvious photo opportunities. If you have a particular place that you like at your venue, of course we can shoot there.

How tired are you the day after a wedding 

Exhausted! I normally feel like all the nutrients have been robbed from my body! Nothing a pint of Beroca and ocassional Red Bull doesn’t fix!

I don’t like being photographed / I am not very photogenic. Will you help me on the day? 

I think everyone I have ever photographed has at one stage said to me that they are either not photogenic or don’t like being photographed. I believe everyone can photograph well. However, most people are used to seeing an image of them taken by surprise at the end of an evening out and believe that is how they photograph. With a combination of lighting, correct exposure and a little bit of relaxing, I can get some great shots of you. I will often show people an image or two and it’s amazing how their response changes!

Do you photograph groups? 

Of course, the wedding collection wouldn’t be complete without some group shots. I normally go through these in the pre-wedding meeting about a week before the day itself. The list isn’t normally very long and on the day I use ushers and friends to get people together so we can get through them in a swift manner and let you get on with your day. My group shots tend to have people smiling as I normally take them towards the end of the cocktail hour when people are a bit more relaxed.

What if my nephew / niece / friend breaks your camera? 

I carry spare camera bodies and enough lenses to cover all eventualities. All my kit is insured so its not a problem.

I have heard a lot of stories of photographers taking the bride and groom away for hours after the wedding. Do you do that? 

No, lovely as it would be to have you for a long time, I am very aware that it’s your wedding day and not a photography day (unless you want it to be!). Usually, the bride and groom enjoy some champagne and canapés with their friends and family before we take some time (normally 30 minutes) to get a great range of couple portraits. You can see a lot of these around my website. I don’t over pose couples and just let them have some time alone while I photograph around them. If we get a great sunset or if I see something amazing later in the day, I may ask for a few more minutes but I never take over the day.

What happens if you get hit by a bus before my wedding? 

This might sound funny but its one of the most common questions. I am incredibly dedicated to what I do. I have never missed a wedding and have attended some quite ill. Were something to ever happen to me or one of my kids that prevented me from attending a wedding, you would know as soon as possible. I am very dull in the fact that the majority of my friends are wedding photographers. I can call on a number of them at very little notice to work with me or instead of me. Should this ever happen, you would receive not only a full refund but also the collection of images edited by myself to be in my style. I have never even come close to missing a wedding.

How soon do we get the images? 

I have heard stories of couples waiting months to see their images.  This means that your images are all fully selected and edited within 30 days of your wedding date. In peak season, this may stretch slightly but I would always know. I start work on your wedding the very next day and generally get images on the blog within 2 working days.

Do we get digital files? 

Yes, everyone gets the digital package as standard. This means a full selection in high-resolution colour and the same images converted to a custom black and white. You also receive the same collection in low resolution that is great for Facebook or Flickr.

How many images do we get? 

I believe that you should have a great collection of images from your day. I put no restriction on the amount of images.  I remove all the unflattering images, duplicates or any other issues and then edit all the remainder to provide you with a comprehensive collection from your day. As a guide, you should expect 5-600 images in colour and the same in Black & White

How do we book? 

All I need from you is the package that you have decided is right for you. The cost of the photography package you decide upon is split into 3 stages. Upon booking, 6 months before the wedding and the final instalment 3 months before the wedding. Don’t worry, I will remind you when the payments are due.

My venue says you have to be insured, are you? 

Yes, very much so. I have £2m public liability and also £75,000 indemnity insurance

What if it rains on my wedding day? 

This is not a problem. I can still get a great collection of images in any weather. I have had some serious challenges in the past and still captured a wide range of images that the couple loved!

If you have any other questions you would like answered, send me a message through the contact button above or call me on 07903 798755 and I will get back to you ASAP

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